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"Click" realistically portrays the secret strategies and tactics that kept the Green Beret's (USA) alive during the Vietnam War. The movie showcases how our Special Forces are THE masters of  deception and ingenuity as they foiled the best efforts of the Viet-Cong.

                                 Starring Brandon Ambrose of HBO's "From the Earth to the Moon."


Sergeant Joe G., aka "Zulu Six", of the Fifth Special Forces Group (Brandon Ambrose of HBO'S "From the Earth to the Moon," and Disney's "Campus Confidential") is on a "sneak and peek" (recon) with his team when he discovers a slacker G.I. who's obsession with a beautiful Eurasian Prostitute may ultimately cost them their lives. 

Critical Acclaim--online and traditional print:

"Click is an engaging drama about Green Beret's during wartime.  It is a quality production. The film is nicely shot and effectively conveys an atmosphere of tension, fear and claustrophobia where death potentially lurks behind every tree in the jungle."

Lance Goldenberg. Movie critic for "The Weekly"

Traditional print:

"Click nails the details...[and]...Director Steven Kahler does an exemplary job of setting the scene. -- You really do get a feeling of crawling through the bush, disarming booby traps. After watching this movie I now know how to search for enemy tripwires using only my trusty machete which makes Click educational and entertaining." 

Nate Hensley. Movie critic for the prestigious Florida newspaper "The Gainesville Sun"

About the film:

Click premiered at the A-list Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival. Winner of the Telly Award for Entertainment to Scene 17 Pictures, ( Winner of the Aurora Award for Directing to Steven Kahler, winner of the Aurora Award for Cinematography to Steven Kahler and winner of the "Spirit Award" from the TamBay International Film Festival where the movie was in competition with more than 80 films from around the world. 

Note: This movie is NOT A DOCUMENTARY! 

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