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"Vietnam War movie "Click", starring Brandon Ambrose of HbO's "From the Earth to the Moon", showcases how our U.S. ARMY's green berets are "the" master of deception and ingenuity as they foiled the best efforts of the viet cong."

Woodstock and Paco are two GI's with the U.S. ARMY's "Wolfhounds" who can't seem to stop bickering--that is until they find themselves trapped in a minefield surrounded by Bouncing Betty landmines. Winner of three awards!                        Coming soon to DVD. 

"Click" realistically portrays the secret strategies and tactics that kept our U.S. ARMY Green Beret's alive during the Vietnam War. The movie showcases how our Special Forces are THE masters of  deception and ingenuity as they foiled the best efforts of the Viet-Cong. Winner of four awards! Now on DVD!